Our accuser could be Moses?

Genesis – including the creation account – was written by Moses.  It was the beginning.  If we don’t believe it, then we’re calling it a lie.  And once we begin to call God a liar, how can we all of a sudden claim to believe anything at all that He says?  If we can’t accept the things are are plainly visible, how can we begin to accept the things that aren’t visible at all – let alone the things that will happen in the future?

The problem of sacrifices and burnt offerings

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We (Christians) tend to focus on the part about the healthy not needing a doctor – but only the sick. The part about mercy and sacrifice – I feel like we (Christians) tend to think this message was meant for the Jewish leaders – but not for us. Which is unfortunate.

Forgiven – update on Vanishing Grace

Jesus was someone that spent time and ate with all sorts of “sinners”. In the Gospels we see Him with the likes of tax collectors, roman soldiers, and prostitutes. Scandalous in His time – and in too many churches today, it’s the same.

The main thing – and the ten Commandments

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So – what we end up with is a whole bunch of Christian denominations arguing over whose version is correct (and also first – even though none of these denominations (obviously) existed back in Moses’ time! They take their focus off the main thing (God) and appear to non-church people like everything they stand for is just made by man and doesn’t really mean anything.

I never knew you

But – what if the situation is entirely from within ourselves?
What if something happens in our own little “world” – with no influence from outside – really messes up everything we thought we believed in? What happens when we’re left only asking God – “Why”?
We keep asking. We keep getting silence. We reach a point where it’s just too much.

The problem of Christian hypocrites

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So then – we’re all serial killers, aren’t we? To expect anything else is to not understand our own need for salvation.

What’s the significance of people living to about 120 years?

You know how when you read those parts of the Bible you tend to skip over them? You probably just skipped it now. … if they are mentioned again, it probably says something about their heritage anyway. And failing that – if you really want to know who someone was, just Google them. What’s the big deal?


Oh – by the way – that forgiveness thing. It’s good for anything we have done. Literally – anything. There’s nothing, no matter what some may say, that won’t be forgiven. Some would say if you’ve done certain things – you can’t be in “the church”. Well – maybe not in their “church”. But in Jesus’ church – sincerely ask for forgiveness from Jesus – and you will be forgiven.

LGBT in Heaven? 2

Well – I’d think that opening would get some interest! One way or another, people seem to be on all sides of this issue – and apparently even those on the same side have a hard time getting along with each other!

The Lord’s Prayer

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This is a series on what we commonly call The Lord’s Prayer.
I can’t help but feel it’s significant that we don’t actual say that last verse as part of the prayer.Maybe it touches a little too close to home?

The Way Back Home

Tonight those kids are weeping While yours are safely sleeping Won’t you help the children find The way back home

Get some kleenex, and see a deeper message in this amazing song – The Way Back Home.

Lead us not into temptation …

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It’s also important to note that temptation, by itself, isn’t the problem. It’s when the temptation actually has it’s desired results (from Satan’s point of view) that we have a problem. And, let’s not forget that succumbing to temptation isn’t necessarily the “end” either.

I’m proud of you, you know …

There is, of course, a catch here. We never know when the last moment will come. I was in a car accident a couple years ago where I had less than a second before knowing I was going to be hit. “Life”, in the traditional sense, could end at any time.

Little Replicas of God (Part 1) 4

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I was telling him he’d be OK – just stop and look around – then we’d go in. This is our normal routine in a situation like this.
He saw something that really scared him – I have no idea what. He backed up so fast and so hard … And then he ran.

True or False: No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God.

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… in order to reach that conclusion – Russell had to first not only assume that God does exist, but that he knew how God felt about the dying child.I think the real statement should be – No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe that people are inherently good.