Born into “Christian family”. And hating it.

My story illustrates the symptoms. I was born into a “Christian” family. We believed in God and attended church when convenient— and always on Christmas or Easter. And when we did attend, it was always boring.    Groeschel, Craig; Groeschel, Craig. The Christian Atheist: When You Believe in God But Live as if He Doesn’t Exist (pp. 17-18). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.   No, it’s not my story.  It’s Craig Groeschel’s.  It could also be yours. If you’re thinking – “I can relate to that feeling”.  Being born into a “Christian family” doesn’t make one a good Christian.  In fact, being born into what the book describes as a “Christian family” can really turn people off. Now – if you’re thinking – “Wow – that’s really me!” – then you should also consider this: Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church which is considered the largest church in the United States with twenty five locations in seven states. Craig Groeschel turned into the pastor of an extremely successful church. If he did that – starting off with feelings like these – where could you end up? Don’t live the “Christian” life of your family and friends – the […]

It Will Happen Again

It will happen again. Why?  Because we insist on freedom from religion.  Freedom from God. What is it? It’s Orlando – the mass killing – the child killed by an alligator. It’s Sandy Hook – more mass killings. It’s your neighbor – beaten up by her husband / boyfriend / lover – again. It’s all the things we want to put an end to.  Insist we can do it on our own.  And ignore the real problems. Post Views: 55

The problem of arrogance

  One of many problems with arrogance is never getting to know anyone who really is better. It’s almost funny. Arrogant people want to be special. But they refuse to acknowledge that anyone is better than them.   By doing that, it’s impossible for them to get to know that better person.   Which makes it impossible for the arrogant person to get better.   Which – ironically – would give the arrogant person even more to be arrogant about!   Let me give you a really simple example. When I was in college, I wanted to learn how to play racquetball.  We had courts on campus.  I needed exercise.  But I didn’t know anyone else who played.  So I just started practicing by myself.   One day this guy knocks on the door – and asks if I’d like to play a set with him. I got destroyed.  Not surprising, since I’d never played another person – never played at real game speed.  And, he was good.  Well – at least way better than me. We started playing two or three times a week.  Slowly, I got better.  It got to be more and more of a contest.  It was […]

proselytizers of a new faith

  I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith … Questions – Who said that?  What is this “new faith”? And what does this have to do with what the Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:11?   Answer #1 – who said it – Professor J. Dunphy. Who is he?  The author of “A Religion for a New Age”, which was published in Humanist Magazine. What is Humanist Magazine?  An atheist publication. How can an atheist publication talk about a new faith?  Read on and prepare to be really upset. Post Views: 6

China’s Crackdown on Christian Churches

… the Chinese government continues to make heavy-handed moves to rein in Chinese Christians. In the name of maintaining safety and beauty”, the CCP has bulldozed churches and torn down crosses all painted red as reminders of the blood shed by the faithful when Mao Zedong’s troops tried to erase their faith from China almost 50 years ago. Those who speak out against the CCP’s decisions are arrested and placed in black jails. And yet – there’s hope.   Just over a year ago, I wrote something called The more you tighten your grip, Satan.   It seems it’s time for a reminder of what happens when the grip gets too tight – like what the government in China is trying to do.  I’m not sure that anyone in China will actually get a chance to read this, but it’s certainly a call to pray for them.  In all the years I’ve been doing this, I don’t remember ever getting a single reader from mainland China.  A whole bunch of southeast Asian countries – even Hong Kong – but I don’t remember ever seeing China on the list. The quote above is from a story on news. It’s about […]

The problem of religion and politics

  Do politics and religion really make strange bedfellows? They concluded that many Christians left the church because of the church’s active affiliation with conservative politics. You’d better believe it!  On both sides.  But the issue I have is why “the church” aligns itself with either side of politics.   And since they do, why isn’t everyone upset about something related to this? The simple fact is – in my opinion – neither part gets what Jesus taught. And therefore, unfortunately, “the church” isn’t really supporting what Jesus taught either. BTW – did you notice how “my opinion” became fact? Just checking to see if you’re paying attention. Post Views: 11

The Next Life: better, worse, the same, or non-existent?

  What’s your hope for the next life?  Better?   Worse?   The same?   Or that there won’t be a next life?   There’s really no other choices .  Logically, it must be one of these.  So pick one! Hoping there won’t be a next life Strictly speaking, not having a next life may be redundant – at least for some people.  Those that have thought of nothing after this life may have already decided whether that’s better, worse, or no different than the life they now have. So let’s start with that one. It’s kind of depressing.  No – it’s just plain depressing.  The thought of this being “it” – with nothing to follow – makes life seem pointless.  Suggestion: having been there myself, thinking this life is pointless – either try to find a way to make this life meaningful – or try to find a way to make the next one better.  (More on that thought later.) At the risk of sounding too “Pollyanna” – even doing something to try to make the next life be better will make this one seem better.  And even if there’s no life after this, at least this one will […]

Why God Must Exist

  Someone asked me why I believe God must exist.  I’ll say right off, this won’t be for everyone.  The request came from a comment I made that having been a math major in college and spending 35 years in the computer industry, it’s safe to say that I think logically.  And, that even though I didn’t want to, I came to the conclusion that God must exist.  So if you’re not into math, this may not get your interest.  On the other hand – I’ve been told that it’s possible to skim through the math parts and still get the concepts.  (If you’re reading this, Hi again! to ServingJesusHere) For the background on why I didn’t want to believe in God for a while – you can check out the about me page.  I’m not going to get into that here, since it’s not relevant.  I’m also going to assume the reader has enough of a background that fine details won’t be explained.  Otherwise it’s going to be way too long.  Infinity One concept that I had a really hard time with, and still do actually, is infinity.  You have this thing called a number line.  You can pick any […]