Politics, government, religion and God

government, religion and God.  Putting any two of them together can, and probably will, lead to arguments.  But all three at once?  A sure fire recipe for people to disagree.  Vehemently.
Government, by it’s very nature, is cause for disagreements.  In a democracy you have two or more people / parties that disagree.
Religion, ever since the very first church split, has also been cause for disagreement.  Actually, I take that back.  Even in the early church in Acts, there were disagreements.
And then there’s God.  People have varying beliefs about God.  Even to the point where they can’t possibly believe in the same “God”, no matter how much they claim they do exactly that.  
But when we throw them all together, then we have the “God” of the political party, the “God” of the religion, and the “God” of any given person.
For sure, the governmental political parties have created their “God” in the image that suits that party. 
The same is true for a religion.  The very fact that a split was required means there was a disagreement about what their “God” required of them.
As for people – it’s all too common to flip creation on its head.  Instead of actually living like God created us in His image, we’re all too quick to create God in our image. 
It’s bad enough just from the point of view of us as sinful people.  But throw in religious denominational differences, and the gap between the reality of God and our image of God gets bigger.  
Then we make it even worse, by turning to our chosen political party to teach us about God.  
Heaven help us.  Please.
Those are the kinds of things we’ll be looking at in this category of government, religion and God.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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